Make Your Mondays Matter


“Banish Monday morning blues and make every moment count. With tools and tips you can instantly apply, this book will help you propel your business to the next level. 
Read it before your competitors do!”

Maila Reeves

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Business Lecturer at Westminster Business School.

"I find it extremely motivating after reading Make Your Mondays Matter. Following Jo's tips has sure opened the door to new and exciting projects that I never thought I would come across!“ Lisa Frampton, Website designer.

Lisa Frampton

Web Developer

"The best thing about Make Your Mondays Matter for me is that I feel someone is on my side cheering me along when I start my week. I feel focused, energised and ready to take action. Thanks Jo!" Emer O'Leary.

Emer O'Leary

Creative Director

"Loving Jo's Make Your Mondays Matter - an elegant nudge to action"

Laura T

Phenomenal Trainer.

“Jo James’ clear voice of experience and encouraging attitude gives everyone a chance to use her clear thought-out strategies, bite-sized goals and focuses our own time to reap more money.”

Mark Herring

Talent Lab Ltd

“Jo has successfully launched, built and run her own businesses so I can always count on her for fresh, practical and valuable insights into growing my own network and making the most of my new business. It was only a matter of time before she wrote a book about it!”

Colin Ng

Business Consultant

“What better way to start your week? Monday morning blues is a thing of the past since Make Your Mondays Matter! The author gives motivation and inspiration in plenty to lighten your load and lift your spirits. Her style of writing is personal, jovial and from the heart which we can all relate to.

... she will not only help you achieve incredible results but also methodically help to turn things around when they’ve gone pear-shaped.

Being a sole business owner can be lonely at times and we all need a boost of motivation, so that we never give up on the dream! Make Your Mondays Matter certainly provides this and much more.”

Cheryl Carter

Every Home Matters

“Jo is a fantastic business coach and this book makes her accessible to more people. It is full of practical, no nonsense advice for growing your business, all done with a sense of humour. Jo (and this book) really help you to think about what you want to achieve in your business and gives you the tools to go about it, including everything from specific marketing and sales tips through to managing your time effectively. 

Reading her book will definitely propel you into action to achieve what you want to.”

Joanna Gaudoin

Inside Out Image

“Jo James is a wonderful declutterer of minds. She helps you make sense of it all with support, advice and guidance. Her clear structure and clear thinking will guide you on the route to achieve your success.”

Andrew Rumbles

Prospera Wealth Management

“Woohoo... In the first 16 pages of ‘Make Your Mondays Matter’ by business coach and author, Jo James, you get a real sense of pace. This lady doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet. If you’re serious about being a creative entrepreneur, growing your business and making money then this is the book for you.

‘Make Your Mondays Matter’ is like having Jo as your personal coach, but most importantly she’s your business cheerleader! By encouraging you to keep going, take action and believe in yourself. 

For me, this is a handbook I will refer to again and again. The questions and exercises are challenging enough to make a difference. Jo’s guidance as a coach comes through. Most importantly it is the constant encouragement, the optimistic voice of someone who believes in my success that makes this book a winner.

Highly recommended if you’re a creative entrepreneur ready to make a difference, grow your business and make some money.”

Sharon Simpson

Dark Romantix

“Love your ‘Make your Mondays Matter’ book as there is always something I can take action on and it’s all very doable too. I do what it suggests and it’s become a lovely habit now and my business says thank you too” 

Heather Waring

Women Walking Women Talking

“Jo James gave me the motivation to make it happen and by following the easy to implement productivity tips and processes I immediately felt much more positive about my business and what I needed to do to make it really fly."

Wil Watts

Madam Geneva & Gent Gin Experiences

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