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Spring Targets

Good Morning and Happy Monday 🙂

Wasn’t it so wonderful to feel the warmth on your skin yesterday? Looks like Spring is finally here! So, I wonder if it might be wise to go up a gear, embrace the change of season and the new energy it brings. Schools are back, a new term begins.
Let’s pick up the pace. Cross things off your lists a bit faster. And get back outside in the fresh air. Shade for your laptop and sun cream at the ready!
So before you’re tempted by a quick ray of sun to shimmy to the garden as quick as I can say ‘have you followed up with your Top 10 yet?!’  I wanted to check,
Have you written your next three months targets yet? 
For Quarter 2, April to June.  If not, have a look now.
Focus. Treat your business to some targets.
Let me ask you:
#1. What do you want to have achieved by the end of June 2013?  Be specific when you write down your answers.
#2. Prioritise your list and pick 3 main things you need to do.
#3. How will you feel when you’ve achieved them ?
#4What do you need to do next?  
Mark out your next steps and milestones along the way. So you can see where you’re going and also in June, you can look back and see how much you’ve achieved and learned.
I’m always so quick to see the future plans of something but it’s good to remind yourself of all the wins along the way and all your hard work!  l always remind my clients to notice and remember what they have achieved along the way andhow they did it?
#5. What good habits make the difference for you?
Recognise your own strengths. Repeat regularly for results!
So, with your targets set for direction, mix in your good habits and go for it, take action now.  So you can have more time to enjoy the sun when it comes out again!
To your success and happiness, let’s go 🙂

Jo James xx

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Spring Targets
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