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Ooze Confidence

Good Morning and Happy Monday 🙂

A big welcome to new subscribers who I met at breakfast networking events last week.  6 o’clock is a good time to get up and get out to meet new people.  The early bird catches the worm? I think I prefer to catch opportunities than worms! I spoke at one of the events, sharing some of my sales secrets and wrote a blog if you’d like to learn them too.

I love empowering business owners with new knowledge and sales secrets. But it’s only by implementing new learnings that makes the difference from any training.

Otherwise it’s like joining a gym but not going and expecting to be fit!

If you take action you get results. And you gain confidence.

By the sheer energy and attitude you exude when you take action you will attract others. A positive attitude and being energised is attractive. Especially to your clients.

So I wanted to check in with you this morning and ask you what were you going to implement after attending a training course or a workshop.

I encourage you to go and find those notes you made or get your workbook back out if you’ve been on one of my courses.

* What ideas did you have then? – Work out your next steps.

* Who did you you want to contact? – Call them.

* What can you start doing today?  –  you know you want to!

Contact me if you want some help working out your next steps, my clients love having clear action points.

Implementation is key and I encourage it every day.

My Mastermind Group have really seen their efforts pay dividends and we all had our best month ever in February 🙂

One lady, a designer, who attended my sales workshop a month ago has won five new clients totally £12,929 and she has two meetings booked that she is confident she will close successfully in the next few days too 🙂 Implementation leads to confidence. It’s an attractive quality in people isn’t it?

Therefore implementation is a bit like a makeover but better! You’ll smile more, look good and feel good on the inside – without surgery! You’ll oooze confidence.

Implementation is sexy and your business will thank you 😉

To your success and happiness, act on some of what you’ve learned today.

Jo James xx

P.S. If you want to book onto the Boost Your Business Workshop and learn how you too can win 5 new clients in a month, then put the date in your diary and book on today.

Early Bird Price saves you £100. Return on investment? At least 20 times if not 65 times! That’s frickin’ awesome ROI !

Please contact me if you have any questions. I’m here to help you and your business grow.
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Jo James,

Here to Empower You and Grow Your Business

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Join in and “Make Your Mondays Matter”

To give you and your business a boost, I’m going to help you over the weeks and months ahead to implement effective sales and marketing activities, taking small steps to help your business grow and you will feel good along the way as you take positive action. It will all add up nicely!

To a happier you and a more successful business.

Join in and “Make Your Mondays Matter

Ooze Confidence
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