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Morning! Happy Monday ūüôā

Feels like Spring doesn’t it? There’s new buds on the trees and daffodil leaves are sprouting through the earth.¬†Just like the seeds we sow each month when we’re networking, with care and attention, can bloom into opportunities.

During my Sales Workshop on Wednesday, we were talking about LinkedIn and the many different social media platforms, and how they play a key part in the Sales cycle.

LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected, meet new people and broaden your network.  Social Media has really changed how we approach sales activity and has enabled us to develop relationships so much quicker than before.

But if you’re feeling ¬†a bit overwhelmed with so many platforms to log in to and be active on, then have a look at the Hootsuite dashboard. One log in and all your social media platforms are there. It’s such a handy tool.

It really helps me to see all my tweets, facebook posts and LinkedIn updates, all in one place, as they come in.

You can organise your contacts into different groups, which helps you stay in touch in the busy flow of messages and comments that you get through out the day.

You can schedule your posts too, which is super handy if you’re busy with clients all day. And you can monitor and analyse your social media traffic to see what posts and platforms are more effective and productive for you.

Being able to see and manage all your social networks in one place, can help you to work smarter not harder. And we like that don’t we?!

So, if you aren’t already using it, I recommend you download¬†Hootsuite¬†today to help you manage your social media, it makes it so much easier.

Call me if you get stuck, I’m here to help you.
To your success and happiness, have a hoot today!


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Join in and¬†“Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter”

To give you and your business a boost, I’m going to help you over the weeks and months ahead to implement effective sales and marketing activities, taking small steps to help your business grow and you will feel good along the way as you take positive action. It will all add up nicely!

To a happier you and a more successful business.

Join in and¬†“Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter”

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