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Have you heard Google Reader ends July 1st. What now?

Good Morning and Happy Monday ūüôā

First off, we had a great Workshop on Wednesday helping people to sell more online, sharing online marketing tips. I think we’ll run it again in August, so I’ll send out the invite again soon.
One of the areas we discussed was email marketing as news from Google will change the way we receive information and how we distribute valuable content online.
Are you relying on RSS feeds to get in front of your potential clients? I’ve heard that Google is planning to stop Google Reader and RSS feeds in the summer so I highly recommend it’s time to switch to email marketing. ¬†Don’t delay, do it now to get a head start.
It’s not as hard as it looks! ¬†Before I started email marketing I didn’t think I could write very well, I didn’t even like writing essays at school! But having a business is different. My writing has a purpose. I can help many more people more often. Would you like to do that too?
Here’s some of the benefits my clients and I have experienced:
‚ústA great way to build your relationships with your prospects and clients, giving them extra added value through sharing your expertise and helpful content.
‚ústIt’s now one of the essential 10 ‘touches’ you need in your sales cycle and will¬†generate ‘targeted leads’ for you
‚ústCreates a point of difference to your organisation and helps you stand out from the crowd and your competition.
‚ústBuilds your list of prospects and grows your business
‚ústIt’s fun! And you’ll learn so much from doing it and may create more opportunities such as speaking events for you.


Your Action Point today:
If you haven’t yet started email marketing, then take some time today to think about and write down your major strengths and how you help your clients. ¬†Create a mindmap of your thoughts and ideas.
I’d love to help you over skype or face to face to help you get started or tweak your current email marketing to help you get more results. ¬†Just reply to this email.
To your success and happiness, start writing today!

Jo James xx

P.S.¬†If you’d like to find out how you can get started quickly,¬†here’s the link to Constant Contact.¬†I’m a partner with them so it’s a trusted affiliate link. ¬†Call me if you need my help getting started or helping you to identify the valuable content that you have in you already. Is it time to come out and play bigger?

Please¬†contact me¬†if you have any questions about your business. I’m here to help you and your business grow.
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Have you heard Google Reader ends July 1st. What now?
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