Make Your Mondays Matter

Don’t delay, start today!

Good Morning and Happy Monday ūüôā

I hope you celebrated well on Friday and were inspired by events and news on International Women’s Day. ¬†Is your head now whirling with thoughts on some new ideas you want to pursue? ¬†or do you have new insights as to how you’ll tweak your current offerings to make them even better?
You’ve probably heard the quote “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”
So I encourage you to take action on your ideas, do something positive and start now!  What can you do today to help you move forward on your ideas? Otherwise they will just stay as ideas. And we have plenty of ideas as creative entrepreneurs but only when you take action on your ideas will you see any changes in your results. And when you take action, you get valuable feedback. 
Sketch out your thoughts or talk to someone (remember you can always call me!)  then prioritise what you can do now. I understand that you may be feeling slightly apprehensive or now have something new to tackle.
Are you feeling those butterflies? That’s good, that’s adrenaline, excitement!¬†Please don’t be put off if you’ve never done it before.
I invite you to feel comfortable being outside of your comfort zone, stepping out and taking action.¬†Because this is where you are going to start creating different experiences to help you get different results. And you’ve done new things before haven’t you? so I’m sure you can do new things again ūüôā
“You are the only person on earth who can use your ability” said Zig Ziglar.
So smile, harness your self belief and see it all working out well and go for it!
Do call me if you need some help. In one session in the AmberLife Mind Spa I can help bring your ideas to life.
Start stepping out today and take action, big or small, or your ideas will just stay as thoughts, and we’ll all miss out then!
To your success and happiness, start today, you can do it ūüôā
Jo James xx
P.S. Talking of new things, I’ve been working with someone else designing a brand new workshop for you, all about helping you to ‘sell more online’. We’ve a bit more work to do and then I’ll share it with you, so watch this space.
Please¬†contact me¬†if you have any questions. I’m here to help you.
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Jo James,

Here to Empower You and Grow Your Business

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Join in and¬†“Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter”

To give you and your business a boost, I’m going to help you over the weeks and months ahead to implement effective sales and marketing activities, taking small steps to help your business grow and you will feel good along the way as you take positive action. It will all add up nicely!

To a happier you and a more successful business.

Join in¬†and “Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter

Don’t delay, start today!
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