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Are you making the most of your client’s feedback?

Good Morning and Happy Monday ūüôā

Did you see the sun last Tuesday and the snow on Thursday?! I hope you’re getting ready for Xmas!! But of course it’s April and the green shoots are coming, promise ūüôā
Many companies have their new budgets in April too, so remember to follow up with the prospects you met over winter who said ‘call me back in the Spring’. Apparently, that’s now! ¬†In budget terms, maybe not if you look out the window!!
While I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my new¬†Workshop¬†with Nathalie Nahai, the Web Psychologist¬†– ¬† I can see one of¬†the most important things¬†that you need to get absolutely crystal clear on is defining your target market to help your website and your marketing work smarter for you.
Don’t try and be all things to all people or your messages won’t talk to anyone. You’re just making hard work for yourself!
Who are your ideal clients?  The more you niche, the easier it is for your messages to flow.
The clearer you are and the more you know about your own strengths and your customer’s needs and challenges, the easier it is for you to make a positive connection with them. In your marketing, on your website and when you talk to people when you’re networking.
Check your marketing  is saying the messages you want. 
One of the great ways is to use phrases and words from your testimonials and feedback, as your clients are telling you specifically what they love about you.

For example one of my clients calls me her ‘Secret Line Manager’. This has really resonated with many more clients who are¬†working alone as they’ve missed being accountable to someone. Which is where I can help. And the way I do it is very encouraging, empowering and supportive. I help you prioritise and focus on what’s needed to do during the month, so that things get finished as well as started!
Another client said she wanted a sharp kick up the a*s to help her focus on the things she should be doing. With a suede Armani boot or a pointed Jimmy Choo I asked! The sharpest she said! Funny, but it’s stuck and people love it.
What do your customers say to you? 

Remember what they said in the conversation as to why they needed your services and why they wanted to work with youin the first place.  What did they say?

Your Action Point today is to…

Have a look at your testimonials and client feedback and pick out two or three phrases using the words your clients have said. ¬†You can talk about these next time in your marketing messages – when you’re in a meeting, on the phone to one of your prospects, when you’re updating your website and when out networking. ¬†I’d love it if you let me know your results.

Please get in touch if you need my help, call me or just reply to this email, I can help you get more clarity with the messages that will work better for you and your business.
To your success and happiness, listen closely to your clients feedback today.

Jo James xx

P.S. If you’re looking to¬†improve your online marketing skills¬†even more, please call me to talk about a one to one session or¬†have a look at this workshop¬†where you’ll¬†learn how you can¬†sell more from your website and your online presence.¬†We’ve planned a great day for you, jam packed with things to learn and implement on the day to help you grow your business. Nathalie and I can’t wait for the day. Will we see you there?¬†here’s the link again…
Please¬†contact me¬†if you have any questions about your business. I’m here to help you and your business grow.
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Are you making the most of your client’s feedback?
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