Make Your Mondays Matter


Are you making the most of your client’s feedback?

Good Morning and Happy Monday 🙂 Did you see the sun last Tuesday and the snow on Thursday?! I hope you’re getting ready for Xmas!! But of course it’s April and the green shoots are coming, promise 🙂 Many companies have their new budgets in April too, so remember to follow up with the prospects […]

Great news and it’s big thanks to you :-)

Good Morning and Happy Bank Holiday Monday 🙂 Loving these 4 day weeks aren’t you? I hope you’re having a relaxing time, resting and re-energising or having a bank holiday party! I’m having a little celebration today and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement. […]

Link Up and have a hoot!

Morning! Happy Monday 🙂 Feels like Spring doesn’t it? There’s new buds on the trees and daffodil leaves are sprouting through the earth. Just like the seeds we sow each month when we’re networking, with care and attention, can bloom into opportunities. During my Sales Workshop on Wednesday, we were talking about LinkedIn and the many […]

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