Make Your Mondays Matter

Are you motivated as a March Hare?

Morning, Happy Monday ūüôā

Are you feeling motivated like a March Hare this fine Monday morning? I do hope you will be after you’ve read this today.

As I wonder, how do I make you feel? ¬† Motivated, happy , confident and empowered? ¬†That’s what I seek to do with these newsletters and when I’m working with my clients. One of the main things people say is they feel motivated and happy after they read these newsletters and empowered after working with me. Aswell as feeling more confident and getting the business results they wanted to achieve. #Result!

From my experiences of running pubs and restaurants in my twenties, I have always focused on giving my clients a fantastic experience, exactly what they want and more and created a great environment. When I first took over the pub it was taking ¬£1500 a week and within 9 months we took ¬£15,000 a week, that’s alot of pints and lunches to serve!

I grew up in a salon as both my parents were hairdressers, so customer service was drilled into me at a very early age. I worked as the Receptionist and then as a Junior, yep, sweeping the floors, washing customer’s hair and meeting and greeting the clients when they entered the salon. By name and with a smile.

When you think of the shops and hotels, restaurants and businesses that you go back to, how do they make you feel?

Why do you go back to some and not others? I ask as decisions to purchase are often made on feelings.

So, I invite you to take some time today to think how you want your clients and customers to feel after they have experienced your services or used your products.
What’s your magic ingredient as to why your customers keep coming back to you?

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To your success and happiness, have a motivating Monday!


Jo James xx

P.S. Last week I shared a 4-week online course to help you generate your creativity to help you blog more often.¬†Here’s the link again in case you missed it, it’s popular¬†It’s great!

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Jo James,

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Join in and¬†“Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter”

To give you and your business a boost, I’m going to help you over the weeks and months ahead to implement effective sales and marketing activities, taking small steps to help your business grow and you will feel good along the way as you take positive action. It will all add up nicely!

To a happier you and a more successful business.

Join in¬†and¬†“Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter”

Are you motivated as a March Hare?
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