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Morning! Happy Monday ūüôā

This is a packed newsletter to you this morning with results, tips and something new for you too, so relax and enjoy ūüôā

£10,000 in 10 days

First I have to tell you of the great results and news I’m hearing from the attendees of my Sales Workshop last Wednesday. ¬†One lady secured her first business deal the very next morning and one lady finally secured a meeting with a contact she’d been trying to talk to for ages, using the ‘Alternative Close’. During the meeting, she felt so¬†confident¬†in ‘asking for the business’ and secured a new project worth ¬£10,000 of new business. Result!

Another has got over her fears and has started to contact her ideal clients and has new meetings to attend already. All within only 10 days of attending my Sales Masterclass Workshop, so watch this space for more good news! ¬†I’m so proud of how they’ve immediately implemented some of the sales boosting strategies and have taken action. That’s what I call a #result!

Combining your offline and online activities really helps to develop your relationships.  Another great way to keep in touch with your contacts is by writing your own blog.

It’s a great way for your contacts to get to know you more and to discover more of your talents and skills. ¬†But whether you’ve just started blogging or have been blogging for a while now, you may have hit the wall of creativity or are struggling to keep thinking of new ideas to write about. So,

Here’s my top tips for blogging success.

  1. First you need to focus on your audience, who you’re writing for and think about just one of your ideal clients when you write. Not everyone, that can be too overwhelming. So think of one person who will benefit from your blog and write for them.
  2.  Attach pictures to your blogs to make them visually appealing to your readers too.
  3. Decide on how often you want to blog. Every week, every other week, every month?
  4. Have your other social media icons visible on or near your blog, so people can connect with you in other areas too and promote your blog to their circles.
  5. Use Notes on your ipad or iphone and make notes when you come up with good ideas of what to blog about.

When I first started blogging, I found help from Jo Gifford, designer, writer and blogger at Cherry Sorbet. Jo has built up an awesome tribe of followers on her blogs and the good news is, she has written an online course to give you more ideas to create your own fan-loving blogs.  So I just had to talk to Jo and do a Joint Venture with her so I could share this valuable information with you too.

Here’s¬†the¬†details,¬†it’s¬†only¬†a¬†tenner,¬†(¬£10.00) which I think is brilliant value. I’ve done the course myself; it’s so helpful and really helps you with creating and writing your own blogs. I’m donating my share of the profits from the sales of the course to Jo’s charity,¬†

The course is delivered direct to your inbox, so you can Make Your Mondays Matter and get started on your blog today ūüôā

Call me if you get stuck, I’m here to help you.
To your success and happiness, happy blogging!

Jo James xx

P.S.¬†Here’s the link again for the online course¬†to get your creativity flowing to write your blogs.

Please¬†contact me¬†if you have any questions about your business. I’m here to help you.
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Jo James,

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Join in and¬†“Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter”

To give you and your business a boost, I’m going to help you over the weeks and months ahead to implement effective sales and marketing activities, taking small steps to help your business grow and you will feel good along the way as you take positive action. It will all add up nicely!

To a happier you and a more successful business.

Join in¬†and¬†“Make¬†Your¬†Mondays Matter”

Are you blogging yet?
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